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The laboratory at QMUL has recently opened.
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  • andrea BENUCCI
    Andrea Benucci
    Team Leader
    Andrea Benucci graduated in Physics at the University of Padua, Italy. Already as an undergraduate, he developed a strong interest in Biophysics, especially for the Biophysics of neural systems, which he studied at UC San Diego and at the Imperial College in London. He spent his last year as an undergraduate at the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy. He obtained his PhD at the ETH/University of Zurich in the laboratory of Peter Koenig and moved to the beautiful San Francisco for his post-doctoral studies. There, he joined the lab of Matteo Carandini at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute. He loved working with Matteo so much that not only he accepted to continue working with him as a Research Associate, but also he followed Matteo across the ocean when the lab moved to England at the University College London, where he became Senior Research Associate.
    In early 2014 he opened his Lab at RIKEN-CBS. Initially meant to be a short-ish experience in the Far East, he ended up staying in Japan for a decade!

    Current position: Professor, QMUL School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences, London.
    I also have an appointment at the University College London, Institute of Ophthalmology, as honorary Senior Lecturer and a Senior Visiting Scientist positions at RIKEN-CBS.

Former members from the 'Japan era'

  • Dmitry LYAMZIN, Postdoctorate Fellow
  • Federico BOLANOS, PhD Graduate
  • Ryo AOKI, Postdoctorate Fellow
  • Mohammad ABDOLRAHMANI, Postdoctorate Fellow
  • Javier ORLANDI, Postdoctorate Fellow
  • Yuko GOTO, Laboratory Assistant - part time
  • Yuka IWAMOTO, Technician
  • Yuki GOYA, Technician
  • Rie NISHIYAMA, Technician
  • Andrea ALAMIA, CBS Summer Program 2019
  • Allan MULLER, Graduate Student
  • Stephan GRZELKOWSKI, Graduate Student
  • Cedric CAREMEL, Postdoctorate Fellow
  • Ziyi ZHU, CBS Summer Program 2018
  • Naoyo HORIGUCHI, Laboratory Assistant
  • Emanuele FRANDI, Postdoctorate Fellow
  • Tadashi TSUBOTA, Postdoctorate Fellow
  • Mohammad YAGHOUBI, BSI Summer Program 2017
  • Michael MORAIS, Graduate Student
  • Ningyu ZHANG, BSI Summer Program 2016
  • Omar SOROUR, BSI Summer Program 2016
  • Yoko OTSUKA, Laboratory Assistant
  • Nevrez IMAMOGLU, Postdoctorate Fellow
  • Hiroe YAMAZAKI, Technician
  • Zoey ISHERWOOD, BSI Summer Program 2014
  • Cynthia STEINHARDT, BSI Summer Program 2014
  • Yuriko KUMAKURA, Laboratory Assistant